About the SellAnywhere button

Our application allows you to sell your products or services by integrating a cart in ALL types of Website.

Turn your current non-ecommerce Website into an effective business tool by adding ecommerce capabilities such as a shopping cart, the ability to checkout and a lot more...

Convert your Web site visitors into customers in 3 steps...

1. Add your product or service in the database in the Store Manager.
2. Create an add-to-cart button using the SellAnywhere button builder in the Store Manager.
3. Paste the HTML code beside your product or service in your website and/or send buy links directly in emails, newsletters, forums, blogs, Facebook and other social networks.

For Whom?

You already have a HTML or PHP Website, a BLOG or a CMS (Content Management System) like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc. and you'd like to sell your products or services.
You want to save time and money without modifying, rethinking and redesigning your current website.
You have no skills in programming to develop an online store.
You have a very LOW budget to invest.
You want to start selling now.
You are not managing a lot of products/services and you want to keep your Website unspoiled.
You are a professional looking for a comprehensive, easy to use and very economical solution to sell online.
You are Web Designer and your customers want to sell online without losing or rebuilding their Website.
You are Web Designer and you want to expand your business by offering new services to your customers.


Order Management
To Do!
Stock management
Advanced stock management on product variants
Sales summary
Shipping area & taxes
Sipping providers
Shipping Rates
Customers accounts
CSV Import/Export


Discount based on total purchase
Ex: Discount 5 % for 450 US$ of purchase net of tax.
Free shipping based on total purchase
Ex: Free shipping for 499 US$ of purchase net of tax.
Discount code
By entering a code, give a discount based on selected items OR on the total of purchase.
Customer Discount
Give a permanent discount to your favorite customers!

Ready-To-Use Payment Gateways

Ogone e-Commerce
Bank Transfer
COD: Cash on delivery
Money Order
Western Union
Bank Cheque
Liaison SSL

Order Tracking Interface

This area allows your customer to:
View purchase summary
Get NIC (order ID number)
Get payment information *
Confirm payment *
Check the status of payment (Confirmed / Not confirmed)
Check the status of purchase (Sent / Not Sent)
Download purchase (if downloadable)
Get PDF invoice
(*) Manual payments only (Bank Transfer, COD, Money Order, Western Union, Bank Check).

Minimum system requirements

System: Unix, Linux or Windows
Web server: Apache Web server 1.3 or later
PHP 5.2 or later
cURL support and Soap Client (if Taxcloud or/and Authorize.net module is to be used)
MySQL 5.0 or later

One-Time payment
No monthly fees

69.00 €
Demo SellAnywhere button
This website use the SellAnywhere Add-To-Cart button.
HTML5 CSS3 Jquery
Mobile ready


We also provide the following services:

Installation on your hosting - 35.00 €

Send us your FTP/MySql access and we take care of everything.
We install your online store in less than 24 hours.
We deliver your shop ready to use.
Start selling online without having to worry about technical considerations.
Server requirements:
System: Unix, Linux or Windows
Web server: Apache Web server 1.3 or later
PHP 5.2 or later
cURL support and Soap Client (if Taxcloud or Authorize.net module is to be used)
MySQL 5.0 or later

Payment Gateway Installation - 145.00 €

If none of the 23 preinstalled payment solutions are suitable or if you need one more, we can install the payment gateway you want.
Our technical team takes care of everything.

Payment Gateway Update - 90.00 €

Sometimes it's necessary to update a payment already installed due to an upgrade of the shop or an update of the payment system.

Copyright Removal - 99.00 €

Remove all references to SCSS in the store front.

Store Upgrading - 160.00 €

Upgrade your store to the latest version.
¡ We handle everything!
This service does not include the update of the payment gateway installed previously or modifications that you could have made in the code if you don't leave us clear instructions.

Design - On estimate

Unmet need with our 10 included CSS templates?
You don't have the time or the skills to customize your Online Store?
No problem. Our graphic team will do its best to give to your store the image you want for your business.
Tell us your wishes and exactly what you would like to do by contacting us.

Get In Touch With Our Designers

We will send you a cost estimate.