About our Shopping cart software

The SCSS shopping cart software is a all-in-one web store solution for anyone looking to start a business online.
Try the demo now and see for yourself!

Find what our Ecommerce software is doing for you...

- PHP/MYSQL plateform
- Open source
- Responsive design
- More than 80 extensions included
... and a lot more
Some of the Many Features That Our Online Store Can Do:

The Shop

Multi products :
Our online store software manages real and virtual products.
Multi-language :
By default, Spanish, English and French.
Multiple graphical interface :
Select your store design through 9 themes ready to use.
Multi-payment :
23 Ready-To-Use Payment Gateways.
Multi-currency :
Set the main currency.
Set a secondary currency and display prices in that secondary currency in the storefront.
Multi-tax :
Manages VAT/European VAT number/Sales tax through Taxcloud.
Intuitive navigation :
Select between 5 types of menu.
You know exactly where you are in the shop at any time by displaying a navigation path.
Visual representation of the modules :
All modules can be moved and can be enabled/disabled.
Maximum compatibility :
The shop is developed in php and uses some jQuery to make it compatible with most modern and popular browsers.
Store Manager :
Allows you to manage 100% of the shop easily without special skills and without direct access to the database.


- Configure your store via the store manager (Configuration > Settings & Payments).
- Graphic chart controlled by CSS.
- 9 free templates.
- Configure your logo, banner, background images.
- Enable/disable/Configure the slideShow from the store manager.
- Select between 5 types of menu. A mega-menu is available and can be configure.
- You can enable/disable all modules.
- All modules can be moved.
- Enable/disable the left/right column.
- Open Source.
- etc.
In short, there are many more options according to your needs or your knowledge...

Payment Gateways

To make your store operational in a minimum of time and start selling in minutes, we have chosen and pre-configured the following payment solutions:
Blue Paid
Solid Trust
Liberty Reserve
Perfect Money
Bank cheque
Bank transfer
Western Union
Cash on delivery
Money order
Letra de cambio
30, 60 or 90 days payment
Order by phone
Ready to use

Also we have integrated payments by bank cheque , bank transfer , Money order, payment cash with Western Union, Cash on delivery (COD) with order confirmation by phone and 30, 60 o 90 days payment.
It should be enough to start receiving money immediately without having to worry about technical considerations.

All payment solutions we offer can be enabled/disabled.
If you need to install your own payment solution, please contact us.

The payment solutions we have selected comes as a result of the best quality/price ratio.

Shopping guides

Increase your sales by exporting your products in the following Shopping Guides.

Enjoy an exceptional window with our 8,000,000 users-buyers (comScore January 2014) by referencing your products on our network: dooyoo.co.uk, Pricesavvy.co.uk, choozen UK.
Google shopping

Exportation module for IziFlux is available by contacting us.

Order tracking

A Order ID Number (NIC) is generated at each order.
After a purchase, an email is sent to the customer with his customer number, the URL and accesses of his customer area.
In the customer area the customer can :
- Confirm payment if payment by cheque, money order or bank transfer etc.
- Get banking or postal informations if payment by cheque, money order or bank transfer etc.
- Check his order statut (shipped: yes | not).
- Check his payment statut (received | not received).
- Download his order.
- Download additional documents relating to the products purchased.
- Send files to complete an order (image for example).
- Get his invoice - if the payment has been confirmed.
The custommer interface is also available in the shop from the shopping cart module or by login into account.


Unlimited number of categories and subcategories.


Unlimited number of products.
The shop manage real and virtual products.
Up to 5 pictures per product.
Long and short description of each product.

Products attributes

Product attributes (or options) enable you to give a possibility for customers to choose some properties of a purchased item. This feature allows you to set options and customize products whether it's the color of a shirt, the size of a pant etc.
Possiblity to increase or decrease the price according to the selected attribute.
Possiblity to increase or decrease the weight according to the selected attribute.
Unlimited number of options.
Product variants can have their own SKUs, prices, weights, images, and you can track their quantity in stock separately.
The shop manage the stock of product variants.


Manage the length of time that news will be displayed on the shop.

Affiliation program

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to recruit webmasters to place your banner ads, link or button on their own Website. Webmasters will receive commission from you when the customer has clicked the affiliate banner, link or button to make a purchase in your shop.
The amount of the commission is configured in the store manager.
New Enable/disable of automatic enrollment of a customer after payment confirmation.


B2B Business to Business
B2C Business to Consumer (default)
If you are a wholesaler, distributor or importer/exporter, B2B version is the one for you.
After validation by the shop administrator (you) and login into their account, your customers will be switch from the catalog to the shop. The prices will be displayed, all e-commerce features will be enabled and your shop will be ready to make sales.


Allows a registered visitor to post comments or other messages to you. Guestbooks are used as an easy way to get users feedback and allow other visitors to see what people are saying about your shop.
All messages must be approved by the shop administrator to be displayed in the storefront.

URL Rewriting

Url rewriting means modify url's appearance, rebuild an url to a new url or make it easier to read by users and search engines.>
Having friendly URL allows search engines to index your shop more easily and be better positioned.

To use this functionality, your server must have mod_rewrite enabled.

Marketing tools

Raise your sales
Thanks to our reward system and/or our Referral system.

The software offer now a Reward system to your customers

Get a prize each X order.
Get a prize each X item sold.
Get compensation prizes each X item sold.

All prizes money are credited in the wallet of the winner.
It's up to you to configure and offer earnings on products of your choice to your customers.
Reward system

The software offer now a referral system to your customers

Your customers can refer you new customers (called "associates") and earn commissions on all of their purchases. You can also give a welcome bonus in cash to the customer and his associates. This welcome bonus will be credited in their respective wallet. There is no limit of time earning commissions on the associates purchases.
MyCompany Int. give you 6% on ALL your referrals orders and reorders.
Receive a one-time extra commission of 0.75 € for each new referral member after his first payment.
Each new referral member will receive a one-time extra commission of 1.2 € after his first payment.
MyCompany Int. will transfer all earnings in the corresponding e-wallets.

Your customers may also recommend your shop from their account by sending a link to their friends or sharing your banners.
Referral system

Responsive design

The shop is optimized for mobile and tablet devices as well as various computer screen sizes.
A responsive website utilizes the adaptable design elements to conform itself to the device used by the visitor.
With a responsive design, the site navigation, images and text will all properly display and function in adherence to the screen on which the site is being viewed.
A responsive shop optimizes your site’s visibility and performance.
Users will enjoy full functionality of your shopping platform, even on smart-phones and tablets.



Select a product and apply a percentage discount or set a new price.
Promote a product by setting a starting date and ending date or until further notice. The promotion will start and stop automatically.
Flash sales!
Promotion over ALL products in the store.
Promotion over ALL products in a specific category.
Promotion over ALL products in a specific provider.
Promotion over ALL products in a specific provider and a specific category.


Percentage or fixed monetary amount over the total of the purchase.
- SAVE 100 € on orders over 1000 €.
- SAVE 5 % on orders over 350 €.
- SAVE 5 € for ALL purchases in the shop.
- SAVE 5 % for ALL purchases in the shop.
The discount can be applied to a price excluding VAT or including VAT.
The discount alert will be displayed as a banner in the footer of each page.

Discount based on the quantity added in the cart. New
Discount on quantity

Loyalty points

Apply a discount based on the previous orders.
The percentage of discount is set in the store manager.
The discount alert will be displayed as a banner in the right o left column.

Discount coupon

Granted to selected customers, a coupon discount is a code that consumers can enter into a promotional box on a shopping cart page to obtain a discount on their purchase.
Apply a reduction to 1 specific product, a group of products or all products.
Create a public or private code.
- A public code is intended for everyone having the code.
- A private code is intended for only an individual and can be used only once.
A starting date and an ending date can be set.
A minimum purchase can be configured. Once the limit will be exceeded, the discount will be activate.
The discout can be in % or a fixed amount.
The code must be entered at the "shopping cart" page.
There are no limits to the number of discount codes you can create.
You can send a discount code by email from the store manager. New

100 € discount on orders over 1000 €.
5% discount on orders over 1000 €.
5% discount for ALL purchases in the shop.
10 € discount buying a specific product.
10 € discount buying a group of products.

Stocks managment

Stock management with level warning.
3 levels warning once the level is reached: Order, ORDER!, OUT OF STOCK!
Items automatically hidden in the shop when the stock is 0 (configurable from the store manager).
Possibility to book a product out of the stock.
The stock is automatically updated after payment confirmation or refund.
Update stock by importing a CSV file.
Export stock.
Import stock.

The shop manage the stock of products with attributes (or products variants).

Shopping cart

From the shopping cart you can review what product(s) you have selected; make necessary modifications or additions; and purchase the merchandise. It's always available over each page of the shop and can be modify at any time.
You also can:
Save your cart for a limited time for unregistered users.
Save your cart for a unlimited time for registered users.
The data are automatically updated when recovering a saved cart.


Improve your search engine rankings by creating/sharing links with other website.
The banners are randomly displayed in the header or the footer of each page.
Each banner comes with starting and ending date.
Banner statistics:
- Total number of times the banner has been viewed.
- Total number of times the banner has been clicked.
If the module "banners Marketing" is enabled, the system offers your customers to add up to 5 banners. In that case, the banners managment is made from the customer account.


The invoice is recoverable as a PDF file in the Customer Area.
The invoices are available after the payment confirmation.
An invoice can be generated if a payment is still not confirmed.

CSS templates

8 predefined templates.
Create your own style sheet modifying a templates in the store manager.

Gift certificate

Make a gift without mistakes!
A gift certificate worth a certain amount of money and is given as a gift to someone to be used like money to pay a products in the shop.
The customer can buy a gift certificate by setting the amount himself and offers the gift to whom he wants.
The value of the gift certificate will be deducted from the total of the order.

Customer account

Customer accounts store password-protected information about a customer's identity, order history, current order status and much more. This information is saved between visits, and retrieved when the customer next logs in. Some details are used to pre-fill address information during checkout.
Customer account
Create or import customer accounts.
Give a permanent discount in percentage to customer.
Summary of sales per customer.

e-Wallet New

In order to make ordering painless, the shop provides his own digital wallet. E-wallet is an online prepaid account where one can stock money, to be used when required.
Consumers can buy products from the shop without swiping a debit or credit card.
Also consumers can receive prizes and money from our affiliate program.
At any time the consumer can load funds (from Paypal or 2Checkout or EgoPay or PerfectMoney or Liberty Reserve or Solid Trust) OR withdraw funds.
Open e-Wallet is free.

Advantages creating an e-wallet?

- Immediate payment (no debit/credit card).
- Low costs.
- The checkout process faster and easier (no forms to complete).
- Immediate payment of commissions and prizes.
- Withdrawn at any time to the account of your choice.

System requirements

- Apache 2.x Web Server recommended or Microsoft IIS.
- PHP version 5.1+
- MySQL Version 5.0+

PHP extension recommended: mod_rewrite, GD 2, cURL, SOAP.


From now you can communicate with your custumers through the Blog module.
Your posts may be shared on social networks and commented by customers directly in your shop. Having a Blog has a dual interest in terms of marketing and search engine rankings (SEO) by generating content.
From the Store Manager, you can moderate comments from your customers before publication.

Only registered users can comment on your posts.
Registered users means customers logged in their account.

Facebook shop

Our shopping cart allows you to integrate your online store in Facebook in a few steps. Add your store on Facebook without re-creating all products.

Extend your Internet presence by increasing your visibility!


All orders come with a unique identification number (NIC).
Get back all orders from the customer account.
Order Tracking with status confirmed, paid, shipped.
Pending orders alert (Payed but not shipped) in the Store Manager.
For each new order, an email is sent.
A minimum order amount can be set in the Store Manager.
An order can be added or modified in the Store Manager.


Complete management of quotations online: Request, submission and payment.
Online payment by entering the quotations number in the Quotations box.
This module can be enabled/disabled.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The shopping cart solution offers tools to increase your visibility on the web.

Responsive design
Having a mobile friendly online store is beneficial not only for your users but also for Google.
From April 21, 2015 the new algorithm has took effect and websites missing the responsive feature may get pulled down the ranking list.

Increase your sales by exporting your products in the shopping guides.
Export to:
- Shopping.com
- ShopMania
- PriceRunner
- IComparateur
- Twenga
- Google shopping

RSS feeds are powerful tools in your SEO strategy.
The SEO benefit for RSS feeds is that your content being distributed can include links with optimized anchor text to your shop. This helps to create good quality backlinks to your website, which helps to improve your Page Rank and overall rankings.

Meta tags
The software allows you to enter tags title and Description for each product and category. If the tags are not specified, the software will generate them automatically.

Short and long description of each product.
Short description: Some sentences optimized for better search engines ranckings, keywords, meta tags description, shopping guides etc.
Long description: Full description of the product.

A sitemap informs search engines that individual pages on your site are new or updated and are available for crawling. Sitemaps help ensure all important pages are indexed quickly and completely.
A link to the Sitemap will be displayed to the bottom of each page of your shop.
You have nothing to do!
The sitemap is automatically generated and includes all categories, products sold, the pages of your blog and more...
It also generates the sitemap.xml.

Our shop uses URL Rewriting to make URLs friendly. Having friendly URL allows search engines to index the shop more easily, more efficiently in order to be better positioned.

Tienda en Facebook
Open your business to potentially thousands of new people in a few steps. Increase your visibility and your chances to sell more.
- Sell your products on your Facebook Page.
- Allow customers to share their favorite products with their friends.
- Reach more customers and drive more traffic to your shop.

Tags cloud
Each word points to a page of your shop. It can be a product or whatever you want.
This increases the density of the word and the page can be reached in just 1 click. The tags cloud is interesting for your visitors and also for your search engine rankings.

- One of the main factors search engines consider in ranking website is backlinking. Each blog post gives readers links to share. It also allows you to generate your own backlinks by sharing each post on your social media.
- Because you have control over your content, you can choose when to link your posts to your shop, and with what anchor text. When done correctly, internal linking helps search engines understand what’s on your shop. When you link a key phrase in your post to a page on your shop related to that phrase, search engines take note.
- Search engine gives precedence to sites that continually update content. A blog is a fantastic way to keep your site fresh. The updated content is great for search engines’ robots, and it’s a natural way to keep customers coming back to your site.

Customer Reviews
- Fresh, unique content.
Search engine spiders like unique content that is regularly updated, and user reviews are a great way to create more of this.
- Improve rankings for 'product name' + review.
Reviews are an increasingly important part of the purchase for online consumers.
This means that more consumers will be searching for the name of the product plus the word 'review', or related words such as 'ratings'.
- The additional content generated by user reviews, and the fact that words and phrases used by reviewers are often the same words and phrases used by searchers, increases the chance of ranking well for long tail searches.

Sales summary

- Total sales (including deliveries) for a specified period.
- Summary of discounts for a specified period.
- Products sales summary in a given period.
- Provider sales summary in a given period.
- customer sales summary in a given period.
- Export results in CSV format.

VAT managment

With our shopping cart, you will have the ability to set any tax rate of your choice.
- Our shopping cart software already supports national VAT, European VAT ID Number.
- For US merchant we offer (as a fee-based offer) Taxcloud integration for collecting the sales tax in the United States.
- The software enables you to define different tax rates for different destinations (location zones), which is especially useful for stores dealing with customers from all over the world.
- Display of price including/excluding/no taxes.
- Partial control over the European VAT ID Number.
- Manual/Automatic confirmation of the validity of the European VAT ID Number.


- Delivery methods management.
- Shipping date and max delivery date at the end of the order.
- 12 rates areas + 1 exclusion area for each shipping company.
- FREE SHIPPING (in one or more specific areas) based on all purchase in the shop or on the total order amount.
- The FREE SHIPPING alert will be clearly displayed as a banner at the bottom of each pages.
- Enable/disable Removal of the order in store.
- Import/Export shipping prices.


Stay in touch with your customers!
Newsletters are a great and inexpensive way to reach your customers and deliver a targeted message.
Send newsletters to subscribers to the newsletter, or to your customers or to your affiliates.
Unlimited number of subscribers.
Before sending, the system check the validity of the email.
Delete emails not validated.
Enable/disable automatic registration.
Newsletter sent from the Store Manager.
Newsletter sent in text or html format.


- Backup of MySQL database by creating a SQL or CSV file.
- Backup of the shop configuration files by sending an email each time the configuration is changed.
- The database backups are saved by date and always available.
Backups can be used for database recovery very easily.


A sitemap informs search engines that individual pages on your shop are new or updated and are available for crawling. Sitemaps help ensure all important pages are indexed quickly and completely.
Our system makes easier for search engines to access all the important pages of your shop. It makes also easier for you by creating the sitemap.xml for the most popular search engines.
You have nothing to do.

RSS feeds

Publish your lastest news in real time!

RSS is an Internet technology that allows visitors to be informed remotely and in real-time.
The following RSS feeds are included in the shop:
- Store News.
- New items added in the shop.
- Promotions.
- Flash sales.
- Our 10 best sales.
- Our exclusive ... selections.
- Rewarded products.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports your shop traffic.
In the Store Manager you can easily add your Google Analytics tracking code supplied by Google.
The shop also provides Google Analytics Ecommerce.

Tags cloud

A tags cloud is a stylized way of visually representing keywords most used in your shop or products you want to highlight.
The more a word is important, more the size of the word is biger.
Each word is a link to a page of your shop.
This feature increases the density of important words and the pages can be reached in just 1 click.
Visitors using tags cloud, are able to easily see the most popular tags within the page - making it easy to discern in one quick look what you want they see.
The tags cloud is interesting for your visitors and also for the search engine rankings.

The tags cloud can be displayed in a module or in the footer.
Tags cloud2
Tags cloud1

Customer Reviews

Your customers can now leave a comment and provide feedback on products you are selling.
This feature has a dual interest in terms of marketing and SEO by generating content.
From the Store Manager, you can moderate the reviews before their publication.
Only registered users can make reviews on products for sale.

W3C Compliance

W3C : World Wide Web Consortium.

Compliance with the major W3C standards gives your online store a number of important benefits. The most significant advantages derived from W3C compliance are:
Search Engine Optimization.
Having a compliant online store makes the whole online store more visible to search engines, and increases the relevancy of your store pages.
Accessibility and compatibility.
Having a compliant online store ensures that it will be properly read and interpreted by all major web browsers regardless your customers' environment.
Optimized code allows improving performance.
The fact is if webpages are filled with errors, the browser will have a harder time interpreting it. Having a compliant online store, the browser has an easier job parsing your HTML-code.

Filter menu

Improve your site's navigation by letting customers filter products by type, size, color, brand, price and more.
Filtering is a easy way of reducing the number of products in a product listing. Users choose which criteria are important to them and view only relevant products.
For example, price-conscious users may choose to view only products for under €10 (thereby filtering out all products over €10).

Filter system

One-Time payment
No monthly fees

160.00 €

Demo ecommerce software
HTML5 CSS3 Jquery
Mobile ready


We also provide the following services:

Installation on your hosting - 35.00 €

Send us your FTP/MySql access and we take care of everything.
We install your online store in less than 24 hours.
We deliver your shop ready to use.
Start selling online without having to worry about technical considerations.
Server requirements:
System: Unix, Linux or Windows
Web server: Apache Web server 1.3 or later
PHP 5.2 or later
cURL support and Soap Client (if Taxcloud or Authorize.net module is to be used)
MySQL 5.0 or later

Payment Gateway Installation - 145.00 €

If none of the 23 preinstalled payment solutions are suitable or if you need one more, we can install the payment gateway you want.
Our technical team takes care of everything.

Payment Gateway Update - 90.00 €

Sometimes it's necessary to update a payment already installed due to an upgrade of the shop or an update of the payment system.

Copyright Removal - 99.00 €

Remove all references to SCSS in the store front.

Store Upgrading - 160.00 €

Upgrade your store to the latest version.
¡ We handle everything!
This service does not include the update of the payment gateway installed previously or modifications that you could have made in the code if you don't leave us clear instructions.

Design - On estimate

Unmet need with our 10 included CSS templates?
You don't have the time or the skills to customize your Online Store?
No problem. Our graphic team will do its best to give to your store the image you want for your business.
Tell us your wishes and exactly what you would like to do by contacting us.

Get In Touch With Our Designers

We will send you a cost estimate.

Some clients

These guys use SCSS platform